Export to Vietnam

By 2020-06-03July 31st, 2020News

In April, a four-pallet order was delivered to TMT, a large local company in Vietnam, met at the Ho Chi Minh International Food Fair in Vietnam, and sent a direct export of Dadidan persimmon dried products.

After the Ho Chi Minh International Food Fair, Cheongdo Wongam signed a branch office with Ho Chi Minh KOTRA(KOTRA) and has been receiving a lot of help in exporting dried persimmon and semi-dried persimmon.

After the first meeting, TMT has received import certification and has been preparing for the export with Cheongdo Wongam for six months.

Cheongdo Wongam has been certified as a KOTRA business in Vietnam before making direct export with TMT, but in Vietnam, if the importing company changes, it must be certified again.

Cheongdo Wongam had already entered the Vietnamese market in the form of indirect exports through domestic buyers and knew that local customers’ reaction to the Cheongdo Wongam dried persimmon and semi-dried persimmon was very hot.

Last year, a local buyer brought a picture of our product without knowing that we were at the conference and went around asking people to buy the products at a local buyer’s consultation meeting in Vietnam.

In Vietnam, these are high-end products which are very expensive, but consumers recognize the commercial value of the Cheongdo Wongam products.

In the future, exports to TMT, one of the 100 million companies in the Vietnamese market, will emerge as a new hope for Cheongdo Wongam to enter the overseas market.