Cheongdo Wongam dried persimmon and semi-dried persimmon in Australian Sydney Export Consultation Association

By 2020-06-03July 31st, 2020News

Cheongdo Wongam participated as a trade delegation of the Gyeongbuk Export Business Council (Gyeongsuhyup) and sub-Atlantic Ocean (Vietnam, Australia) to conclude the three-day Vietnam Ho Chi Minh Export Consultation meeting, which was held first, and arrived in Sydney in the morning after a nine-hour night flight.

We had a free schedule on the first day of arrival and on the second day, we had a visiting consultation meeting with a dedicated advisor for each participating company.

After discussing exports with Australian Ventures24 at aT export consultation meeting in 2018, Cheongdo Wongam exported about $50,000 of Dadidan dried persimmon and semi-dried persimmon that year.

Like Vietnam, the Australian export consultation meeting was held to introduce new products of Dadidan dried persimmon and semi-dried persimmon with existing customers and to discuss export sales plans and marketing support.