Cheongdo Wongam in Ho Chi Minh Export Consultation Conference

By 2020-06-03July 31st, 2020News

Cheongdo Wongam is a member of the Gyeongbuk Export Business Council (Gyeongsuhyup). As part of trade delegation to the sub-Atlantic Ocean (Australia, Vietnam), we visited Vietnam and Australia on a 7-day itinerary at Gyeongsuhyup.

Cheongdo Wongam met TMT, a large local buyer, at the Ho Chi Minh International Food Fair in Vietnam in April and prepared more than six months to export dried persimmon and semi-dried persimmon. A week before the trade delegation’s visit, we exported the Dadidan dried persimmon and semi-dried persimmon of Cheongdo Wongam to TMT.

Since Cheongdo Wongam already had a large customer base in Vietnam, we participated in this export consultation meeting to discuss future import plans, market conditions, and promotions with TMT and visited Ho Chi Minh KOTRA, where the branch was signed, to receive reports on the Vietnamese market.

We first visited TMT on the day before the buyer consultation meeting with the help of Ho Chi Minh KOTRA and had a meeting with CEO Lin to talk about future plans.