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Export to Canadas

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It’s humid, like a smoke screen

Among the orders in February from T&T Supermarket, 7 pallets including 2 unshipped pallets went for shipment.

It was a more hectic day while packing for the Chuseok gift set.

There is another shipment to the US and will be shipping at the end of September, and another order from Canada.

Dadidan products sitting inside the container

Gift box fold

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This summer has been incredibly hot, but as the Ipchu(The beginning of autumn among the 24 solar terms) passes, the sky is high and a cool breeze blows when the sun goes down. Maybe that’s why the color of the persimmon hanging from the tree seems to have faded a bit.

So, in preparation for Chuseok, we started to fold the gift set boxes. My father also gives me a lot of strength, and the youngest also gives me a sneak peek. We live like this. Do you?

Export to Australia

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Dadidan Semi-dried persimmon Exported to Australia

Australia and Canada’s semi-died persimmon export orders have already arrived, but it seems it’s getting harder and harder to find a ship to ship. Canada doesn’t have a scheduled shipping date, and Australia only goes out 4 pallets earlier today, and the second part of Australia is waiting for the next shipment.

Appointed as a member of Gyeongbuk Specialized Crop Research Group

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Cheongdowongam CEO Jeong Jin Seok was appointed as a member of the Gyeongbuk Specialty Crop Research Group at the Gyeongbuk Agricultural Research and Development Institute. For the next two years, discuss, coordinate, and express opinions on the R&D and cultivation of Gyeongbuk’s specialized crops (Seongju melon, peach, red pepper, astringent persimmon, flower, and special crops). A role was given to present. It’s a lack of ability, but I’ll try to help with the astringent part and processing.

Plum and plumcot production

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Anyone can see Plum

I got my first plums and plumcots this year. The plums were fresh and juicy, with a sweet and sour taste behind them. Plumcot is a ripening fruit, so tie it tightly with a plastic bag and leave it at room temperature for a day or two and eat it when it turns red.

For those of you who are not familiar with plumcot, to introduce a little more, as the name suggests, it is a compound word of plum and apricot. It is a hybrid fruit that is a cross between plum and apricot. In foreign countries, it is called Pluot. It is closer to plums than apricots.

Maybe one day we’ll be able to show off real plums and plumcots. There isn’t much right now, so we’re just enjoying it.

A hybrid of plum and apricot, ripen red when ripe, Plumcot

Exported to Wooltari USA

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Dadidan semi-dried persimmon

Exported to wooltari USA(4th)

Overseas promotion of this year’s aT package business is Wooltari USA and Japan’s Takachiho Products. The 4th export is in progress Wooltari USA until today, and the export schedule is being discussed with Japan within July~August. Due to coming, 3 pallets were sent to Changwon by using a refrigerated freight truck.

Export to T&T Supermarket Canada

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Dadidan semi-dried persimmon Export to T&T Supermarket Canada

We received an export order last February, made semi-dry products, and there was no shipping to ship, so 6 pallets of Canadian T&T, which occupied a corner of our frozen warehouse for 4 months, went out today. It’s so cool.

Persimmon flower

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Uh, I thought it was popcorn that fell on the ground, but I noticed it was a persimmon flower, and when I looked up, I saw a lot of persimmon flowers in my eyes. The persimmon flower hides behind the persimmon leaves, so it’s hard to see. I thought it would run out after rain once, but it’s raining. In the olden days, persimmon flowers were filled with both hands and tastefully shared with my younger sister. After the rain stops, I have to collect the persimmon flowers that will be quite far away. Since the flowers are in full bloom, I think there will be a lot of persimmon harvest this year.