Brand Introduction

0% additive made by cold wind dehumidification dry method, dried fruit snack

Our heritage

Cheongdo has long been famous for its seedless persimmons, “Cheongdo flat persimmon” as well as Cheongdo Bullfighting. Our Cheongdo Wongam maintained the persimmon farm for a long time enough to have a 100-year-old tree. My husband and I have inherited the family business since 2010, and we are still committed to the best quality by putting honesty, trust, and contribution as the top priority.

Born in Cheongdo… Live for Cheongdo Flat Persimmon!

My husband and I decided to go back to Cheongdo to live a happy life with our children in nature. After returning to farming in 2010, the company developed into a persimmon processing food manufacturing company and established itself as a representative brand of processed foods in Cheongdo.

Tryout for processed foods and dried fruit snacks at the persimmon farm!

Cheongdo Wongam kept persimmon farming for a long time. In 2010, the company developed into a representative persimmon processing food company by producing semi-dried persimmon and dried persimmon as using a differentiated drying method, cold wind dehumidification drying method. Currently, it has become a recognized brand not only in Korea but also in other countries such as the United States, Canada, Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Australia, Dubai, and Japan. Cheongdo Wongam has expanded its area as a dry fruit snack brand to promote the excellence of domestic fruits as well as persimmons to the world.

Create a world where one enjoys nutrition with dry fruit snacks

Dadidan dries the best quality fruit in the original processing method of cold air dehumidifying and drying. We deliver dry fruit snacks that do not damage the texture, taste, or nutrients of fruits to our consumers. Always make healthy and delicious choice with Dadidan’s nutritious and quality dried fruit!