Plum and plumcot production

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I got my first plums and plumcots this year. The plums were fresh and juicy, with a sweet and sour taste behind them. Plumcot is a ripening fruit, so tie it tightly with a plastic bag and leave it at room temperature for a day or two and eat it when it turns red.

For those of you who are not familiar with plumcot, to introduce a little more, as the name suggests, it is a compound word of plum and apricot. It is a hybrid fruit that is a cross between plum and apricot. In foreign countries, it is called Pluot. It is closer to plums than apricots.

Maybe one day we’ll be able to show off real plums and plumcots. There isn’t much right now, so we’re just enjoying it.

Persimmon flower

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Uh, I thought it was popcorn that fell on the ground, but I noticed it was a persimmon flower, and when I looked up, I saw a lot of persimmon flowers in my eyes. The persimmon flower hides behind the persimmon leaves, so it’s hard to see. I thought it would run out after rain once, but it’s raining. In the olden days, persimmon flowers were filled with both hands and tastefully shared with my younger sister. After the rain stops, I have to collect the persimmon flowers that will be quite far away. Since the flowers are in full bloom, I think there will be a lot of persimmon harvest this year.

Thin Peaches

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Picking a peach fruit that grows well is a lot of work. However, it is a work that must be done in order to grow the fruit large and delicious. An old father and mother are working on a mountain that is difficult for young people to climb. My parents climbed a high mountain. I said I would do it over the weekend, but my parents said there was a time for everything. It is the farming work of Cheongdo here that we have to plant all the fruit trees in the mountains to sell the whole family while planting rice on the low plains. I don’t know if there are such things, moderate rain, moderate wind, moderate… Well, half of the farming will be made by the sky and the rest will be ours.

Export to Vietnam

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In April, a four-pallet order was delivered to TMT, a large local company in Vietnam, met at the Ho Chi Minh International Food Fair in Vietnam, and sent a direct export of Dadidan persimmon dried products.

After the Ho Chi Minh International Food Fair, Cheongdo Wongam signed a branch office with Ho Chi Minh KOTRA(KOTRA) and has been receiving a lot of help in exporting dried persimmon and semi-dried persimmon.

After the first meeting, TMT has received import certification and has been preparing for the export with Cheongdo Wongam for six months.

Cheongdo Wongam has been certified as a KOTRA business in Vietnam before making direct export with TMT, but in Vietnam, if the importing company changes, it must be certified again.

Cheongdo Wongam had already entered the Vietnamese market in the form of indirect exports through domestic buyers and knew that local customers’ reaction to the Cheongdo Wongam dried persimmon and semi-dried persimmon was very hot.

Last year, a local buyer brought a picture of our product without knowing that we were at the conference and went around asking people to buy the products at a local buyer’s consultation meeting in Vietnam.

In Vietnam, these are high-end products which are very expensive, but consumers recognize the commercial value of the Cheongdo Wongam products.

In the future, exports to TMT, one of the 100 million companies in the Vietnamese market, will emerge as a new hope for Cheongdo Wongam to enter the overseas market.

Cheongdo Wongam in Ho Chi Minh Export Consultation Conference

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Cheongdo Wongam is a member of the Gyeongbuk Export Business Council (Gyeongsuhyup). As part of trade delegation to the sub-Atlantic Ocean (Australia, Vietnam), we visited Vietnam and Australia on a 7-day itinerary at Gyeongsuhyup.

Cheongdo Wongam met TMT, a large local buyer, at the Ho Chi Minh International Food Fair in Vietnam in April and prepared more than six months to export dried persimmon and semi-dried persimmon. A week before the trade delegation’s visit, we exported the Dadidan dried persimmon and semi-dried persimmon of Cheongdo Wongam to TMT.

Since Cheongdo Wongam already had a large customer base in Vietnam, we participated in this export consultation meeting to discuss future import plans, market conditions, and promotions with TMT and visited Ho Chi Minh KOTRA, where the branch was signed, to receive reports on the Vietnamese market.

We first visited TMT on the day before the buyer consultation meeting with the help of Ho Chi Minh KOTRA and had a meeting with CEO Lin to talk about future plans.

Cheongdo Wongam dried persimmon and semi-dried persimmon in Australian Sydney Export Consultation Association

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Cheongdo Wongam participated as a trade delegation of the Gyeongbuk Export Business Council (Gyeongsuhyup) and sub-Atlantic Ocean (Vietnam, Australia) to conclude the three-day Vietnam Ho Chi Minh Export Consultation meeting, which was held first, and arrived in Sydney in the morning after a nine-hour night flight.

We had a free schedule on the first day of arrival and on the second day, we had a visiting consultation meeting with a dedicated advisor for each participating company.

After discussing exports with Australian Ventures24 at aT export consultation meeting in 2018, Cheongdo Wongam exported about $50,000 of Dadidan dried persimmon and semi-dried persimmon that year.

Like Vietnam, the Australian export consultation meeting was held to introduce new products of Dadidan dried persimmon and semi-dried persimmon with existing customers and to discuss export sales plans and marketing support.