Dried persimmons

More effort is put into the process of semi-dried cultivation.
It is delicious and seedless, but it’s also high in sugar, soft, and chewy, so it’s great to give to someone special.

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A chewy and delicious semi-dried persimmon

No coloring, nonaseptic, nature itself…

Share the tastiness with people around you.
We invite you to the new taste, which was created with the sincerity of a year’s owkr of the Agricultural Corporation, Cheongdo Wongam Co., Ltd.

Children and acults enjoy it together ~

Chewy and tasty dried persimmons

  • Product information : Cheongdo semi-dried persimmon (packed with zipper bag)
  • Weight : 500g
  • Ingredients and content : domestic (Cheongdo, Gyeongbuk) semi-dried 100%
  • Ingredients and content : domestic (Cheongdo, Gyeongbuk) semi-dried 100%
  • Storage Method : refrigerated

A jelly-like soft texture

Neat zipper bag packaging


The introduction of ‘Cold-wind drying system‘ created a new flavor.

The ‘cold-wind drying system’ has the same principle as persimmons melt naturally from natural drying state in the winter. The biggest advantage of low-temperature dehumidified air for drying is that it maintains the taste, aroma, color, and quality in a hygienic environment.

01. Cheongdo flat persimmon plantation & raw materials warehousing

The company manages the Cheongdo flat persimmon plantation, so thorough quality control is carried out from the raw materials used for semi-dried processing.

02. Selecting and molting raw materials

Warehoused flat persimmons are stored in the storage and go through molting process after selecting semi-dried and dried persimmons.

03. Semi-dried, dried persimmon for washing

Remove the stalk of molted flat persimmons and separate them into semi-dried or dried persimmons. Dried persimmons go through 3~4 washing stages.

04. Cold-wind dehumidification drying

Drying slowly with a low temperature wind keeps the sweetness, chewiness, and scent and color intact.

05. 3 ripening process

It is the process of increasing sugar content by adding the unique chewy taste of the semi-dried persimmon and completely removing the bitter taste of the semi-dried persimmon.

06. Product packing

It is stored and frozen in a container separated by exact weight and will be repacked to the relevant packing case.


Pack it to anywhere with
zip-bag and enjoy.

No need to worry about space in the freezer. It is packed in separate cases, so you can store it in empty spaces in the freezer. In addition, it is easier to carry around to go for hiking, fishing, or travelling.


Get both flavor and nutrients~!!

Eat high in sugar and seedless persimmons with Cheongdo flat persimmon.
The patented cold-wind drying system allows to dry 45% of persimmon moisture at the same time contain high sugar content and maintains jelly-like chewiness and smooth pulp.

Cheongdo luxury specialties enjoyed by all ages and genders!

Cheongdo Wongam Dadidan persimmons are made of seedless Cheongdo flat persimmon, which is high in sugar and contains vitamins A, B2, C, and other nutrients that are beneficial to the human body.