Management Ideology


“Always enjoy 100% Natural dired fruits”

Dadidan dries the best quality fruit in the original processing method of cold air dehumidifying and drying. We deliver dry fruit snacks that do not damage the texture, taste, or nutrients of fruits to our consumers. Always make healthy and delicious choice with Dadidan’s nutritious and quality dried fruit!


Natural dried fruit snack processing company

company that inherited the third-generation family business
To live a life with nature, we have inherited the family farming business, leading processed persimmon products to promote the excellence of Cheongdo flat persimmon around the world



From direct farming to processing, we manage and supervise all the process to make 100% pure and delicious products that meet the highest quality standards.


Dadidan does its best to not disappoint you. Our products are 100% real fruit. We provide dried fruits that give real taste and impression to our precious consumers.


We believe that steady should be accompanied by good nutrition and taste. We deliver the best nutrients to you by producing the highest quality products made from real fruits.


Dadidan means “giving love” in Korean. Also, we operate as a family management system, so we do our best to get quality products with an extraordinary passion.


We use a differentiated state-of-art facility called cold wind dehumidification drying to maximize the natural taste of fruits that leads to new, delicious, 100% dried fruit snacks.


As we process and provide our consumers with fruits in Cheongdo area, that presents conditions such as excellent soil, climate, and water, we continue to strive to think about nature and sustainable coexistence that can contribute to regional development.