Home of Cheongdo flat persimmon, Cheongdo Wongam

Brand Introduction

Persimmon processed food at persimmon farm,
And a new tryout for dried fruit snacks!

Management Ideology

“Always enjoy 100% Natural dried fruits”
Natural dried fruit snack processing company that inherited the third-generation family business.

Business Area

Cheongdo Wongam not only promote the excellence of persimmon,
But it also promotes domestic fruits to the world.


Product Descriptions

Cheongdo Wongam dried persimmon

The chewy and sweetness made by nature fills the mouth

Cheongdo Wongam semi-dried persimmon

No coloring, nonaseptic and natural.


Cheongdo WongamNews

Agricultural corporation co., ltd.
Meet the news of the Cheongdo Wongam.


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